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Prof. Maraimalai Ilakkuvanar

A Professor whom I admire, is a myriad talented personality, dedicated to the  propagation of Tamil language and literature                                                                 

                                                                        N.C.Mohandoss & Subbu

MaraimalaiProf. Maraimalai Ilakkuvanar has got every charm to attract the attention of everyone who is interested in Tamil language and literature. He is a myriad talented personality, dedicated to the propagation of Tamil language and literature. Of his Thirty-six years of teaching, he spent Three decades in Presidency College Chennai, a pioneer institute.

When a Tamil chair was established at University of California at Berkeley, US, the university invited him to serve there as a distinguished Visiting Professor for teaching Tamil to the graduate students there during Fall1997 and spring 1998.  He was sent by the university to all the Tamil associations throughout US in the week-ends

The professor has an inborn desire to propagate Tamil and he considers it as a mission. Right from 1987 he started his mission

maraBrigham Young University, Utah, GaKushin University, Tokyo, Malaya University, KualaLumpur, National Institute of Education, Singapore, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius, University of Wilson Salem State (WSSU), Raleigh, North Carolina University at Chapel Hill and SIM University, Singapore offered him the golden opportunity to   deliver Guest lectures.    

He is a prolific writer and has contributed seventeen books in the field of interdisciplinary approaches to literature. He has  participated in hundreds of seminars and had delivered many endowment lectures at University of Madras, Madurai Kamaraj University, Annamalai University, Bharatidasan University and Puducherry University.       

Prof. Maraimalai is also an excellent translator and has translated many Tamil poems in English, published them in the net in many bogs launched in the name of Forty three poets. His e-books both in Tamil and English can be seen at Scibd.com as well as academia.edu.

He has launched and co-coordinating three wikis viz.Kavithai wiki, Thirukkural wiki and Silappathikaram wiki.At Kavithai wiki website you can see the video clippings of 193 poets reciting their poems.


Ph.D. (Linguistics)-1984-University of Madras

Research Topic:” Word formation in Modern Tamil

With special reference to Administrative Terms “

M.A. (Tamil)-1969-Madurai Kamaraj University

Prof. Maraimalai 

Services: 36 years

{Twenty - nine years in the Post-graduate Tamil Department, Presidency College, Chennai.  + Six yearsin Govt. Arts colleges }

 Foreign Service: 

Visiting Professor,

                              Tamil Program (Graduate),

                              Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies

                              University of California, Berkeley.CA. U.S.A.

                              Period: One Academic year (Fall 1997-Spring 1998)

Guest Lectures at:

1)   Brigham Young University, Provo. Utah.(US)


                  Topic: Language Attitude and Language Development in Tamilnadu, India.                                                     

                                         2)   National Institute of Education, Singapore.


                 Topic: Psychological Approach to Literature

                                        3)   Universiti Malaya, KulaLumpur,


                                              Topic  : Internet for the Development of Literature

                                        4)  Mahathma Gandhi Institute, Mokah, Mauritius.


                Conducted Workshop for the Faculty members (School of Languages)

                 “On Launching Web logs and their use in Teaching”

           5)  Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina, U.S.A.

                 18/2/2014                   Sangam Classics

                 19/2/2014                   Tamil Culture

                 University of North Carolina, North Carolina, U.S.A.

                 20/2/2014             Devotional Literature in Tamil

           6)  SIM University, Singapore.

                                              Lecture Classes on Modern Literature: 

                                              From 16/1/2007 to 19/1/2007

                                             Lecture Classes on Epic &Didactical Literature

                                             From 20/1/2007 to 23/1/2007

                                             Lecture Classes on History of Tamil Literature

                                             From 7/7/2007 to 11/7/2014

                                             Lecture Classes on Translation

                                             From 12/7/2014 to 17/7/2014


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