Quran Competition Awards Conferral - 2016

Continuing its tradition, IMWA organised Quran Competition on 28 October, 2016 for boys and girls, up-to Class XII and their parents at Al Najat Boys School, Salmiya, followed by Awards Conferral ceremony on November 25, 2016. The participants were tested for their skills in Quranic recitation, elocution, knowledge based quiz on Islamic history and religious matters and calligraphy. 

The award conferral started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Umar Ashraf, excellence award winner in Group B followed by English translation by Asma Manshauddin. Verses 285 - 286 were chosen to begin the program in the light of the fact that great merits have been attributed to these two verses in authentic Hadith. The holy Prophet PBUH has said that one who recites these two verses during the night, they will be sufficient for them.

In Western classical rhetoric, elocution is one of the five core disciplines of pronunciation, which is the art of delivering speeches. Orators are trained not only on proper diction, but on the proper use of gestures, stance, and dress. The following participants who were the winners of Elocution contest addressed the audience in the award conferral ceremony delivering their award winning speeches.


1.      Maryam Jawaid, Class X, Fahaheel Al Watanieh Private School

2.      Safiya Ishaq, Class VIII, Fahaheel Al Watanieh Private School

3.      Abdur Rahman Ansari, Class V, Indian Learners Own Academy     

4.      Mohammad Yusuf Khan, Class IV, Indian Learners Own Academy


The Elocution was based on the following topics:

Group B – Rights of Neighbours in Islam

Group C – The blessings of Imaan

Group D – Islam is Peace

Group E – Prophet Muhammad pbuh in other religious scriptures


Keeping in with the importance of Holy Quran for Muslims in particular and mankind in general. IMWA for the last several years had been educating our brothers, sisters and children alike, through this Quiz Contest - of the right path in worshipping Allah, leading a good life, living in harmony and mutual respect with other religions and cultures.  Muslims learn from Quran, morals of life.  Quran is a  guide and command for rituals including prayers, fasting, pilgrimage, rules of marriage, divorce, inheritance, finance, partnerships, you name it and the subject is covered in Quran.

Indeed, our heart swells to say that there were over 450 registrations of participants of which 104 participants were declared as winners based on their performance. From the last year, we have included, quiz based on Islamic history and deen itself for parents too……..allhamdullilah….we have received a tremendous response from them too. Around 50 parents participated in high scoring quiz game.

Besides, the merit positions, special prizes were given to the wards of IMWA members under the category of IMWA Talent and an award of excellence to repeat winners of last year. IMWA took an unusual decision of awarding two prizes for two tie second positions in parent’s category. This was done in view of the high scores secured by winning parents. 

We could successfully do the programme because of dedicated efforts of Dr. Naeemuddin, who booked the venue and ensured that it is available to us. Tanwir Alam along with his daughter, Maliha Tanwir played a pivotal role in facilitating the smooth distribution of prizes. The other EC members, under the stewardship of President Jawaid Anwar, Muzammil Malik, Iftekhar Ahmed, Mohammed Manshauddin, Israr Ahmad, Khalid Damodar, AW Rumani, Syed Hanif, Rashid Mir, Mir Abrar and Convener Irfan Mohammad Khan assisted by Sumaiyya Parveen, Asma Manshauddin, Israa Naemuddin and Maryam Jawaid played their role by being a part of the total environment.

We continue to seek Allah’s blessings that more and more of us benefit from this programme with each passing year and we remain steadfast in our efforts

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