Criminal detectives are working on a case involving €85,000 in cash that were reportedly stolen from a moneychanger in Farwaniya. It is feared the two thieves may have left the country as soon as they committed the crime. Sources said two English-speaking men went to a money exchange shop in Farwaniya and asked for €82,000 in cash. The two told the cashier they wanted to count the money, then when they finished, they gave the cashier an ATM card, but there was no balance in the bank account. The two told him to keep the money aside until they go to the bank and find out what’s wrong. When they did not return, the cashier opened the bag, only to be surprised the money was forged. When security tapes were reviewed, it was discovered that the thieves had swapped the real notes with forged ones. The two are thought to be Russian and Turkish.-K.T.


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