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The cold wave lashing north India is expected to continue for another two days during which maximum and minimum temperatures in the capital will fall by 2-3 degrees celsius. On Wednesday, Delhi recorded its lowest minimum temperature for the season — at 4 degrees celsius, three degrees below normal. However, it was Gurgaon that bore the brunt: its minimum temperature dipped to 1.7 degrees.



"The region is experiencing dry north north-westerly winds from the snow-clad Himalayas. This has resulted in a drop in temperatures while keeping fog at bay," said an official. Delhi's regional forecasting centre said ground frost was likely to continue for two days. Thursday would see a clear sky with shallow fog in the morning.



Maximum and minimum temperatures would be around 17 degrees and 4 degrees respectively. "In fact, due to unusually clear sky, there is also local cooling. On Wednesday, the wind was blowing at a speed of 15-25 kmph. Similar conditions prevailed on Tuesday and will persist on Thursday as well."



The Met department has forecast a further fall of 2-3 degrees in minimum temperatures over the plains of northwest India in the next two days. Maximum temperatures are likely to fall by 2 to 3 degrees by Thursday.



Any change in the weather can be expected from around January 14 with a western disturbance expected to impact the western Himalayan region from then and the plains by January 16. "At the advent of the WD, winds will become calmer and change direction. Under its impact, the sky will start becoming partly cloudy from Saturday onwards and shallow to moderate fog can be expected in the morning on Friday and Saturday. Delhi may expect light rain or thundershowers on Monday," said an official.


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