D Sivanandhan
I.P.S(Retd)- D.G.P,Maharashtra
Former Commissioner Of Police,Mumbai
                                                                                          - by Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai
He came...He saw...He conquered....

There are some real and factual reasons why D Sivanandhan is a 'Legend' - a living one...
Even though for most of his career he has played the pathbreaking 'Top Cop', calling him just a police officer is belittling his achievements and contributions. 
A young boy from the rural areas of Tamil Nadu ever good at his studies - turned out to become a professor of economics in Madras University.
He had two choices - to shift to a banking career or choose to join the Indian Police Service (IPS) which he cleared in his very first attempt! Both competitive exams that he had cleared, He choose to take the uniform route.
"You don't choose your battlefield - gods do it for you. But you can plant a standard, where a standard never flew". This saying by Nathalia Crane is applying well to Sivanandhan.

He started on a journey unknown, yet he left a mark where he became a benchmark in Indian policing - leaving standards for others to follow.
After completing his IPS training program at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police academy, Hyderabad Sivanandhan has been posted across various places in Maharashtra....
With a open door policy and easy access to all, 'Siva' as he is lovingly called, was a team player and an ideal mentor to many. 
Posted as various places inclusion Nagpur, Gadchiroli, Pune, Mumbai and Thane he also was in the IB for six years as Assistant Director and Deputy Director for six years. Many intelligence operations yielded rich results.
Some of the key achievements were he was the immigration chief (FRRO) at Mumbai airport when Kuwait evacuation the biggest ever movement of people happened. Everything was handled smoothly (movie - 'airlift' made on this theme).
The Naxal operations when he was DIG of Nagpur range saw not just the strategist but also the human face of his. Three years of staying in the land mine ridden, anytime ambush situation was very thrilling. He recruited ‘adivasis’ as cops for local knowledge and built very secure walls around all police posts so that no Naxal attack would ever take place on a police post.
Modernizing the police operations and bringing the humane face of police by organizing many Jan Jagraon Abhyans was a major achievement in the effort to include the people in the police efforts to curb Naxal 
Joint commissioner of Police crime (1998-2001) - where he was known for breaking the back of the underworld in Mumbai - the financial capital of India. The Strategy and the tactics used by him makes Mumbai one of the safest financial capitals in the world.
A blockbuster box office super successful Hindi movie 'Company' was based in this theme, where Sivanandhan was the central character. About 300 gangsters were neutralized and 1500 illegal weapons were unearthed, and 1500 criminals were detained for one year under MPDA. This brought an end to the ruling of Mumbai by dons sitting outside the country. Business boomed, since there was no shoot out from 2002 to now.
A new dimension to his work profile was added when he joined as the joint Director of the CBI (West zone) from 2001 to 2004. West zone included the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, MAHARASHTRA and Goa. Very many high profile anti-corruption and trap cases were made out. A crusader against corruption in India was doing his best for the eradication of this malaise in India.
While at one end he is known for his 'no nonsense' approach to crime, he has also a human side which is seen throughout his career.
A prime example is the period when he was the Thane Police commissioner - Building schools for police children (also did it in chandrapur and Gadchiroli) setting up canteens, hospitals, gymnasiums, organizing sports events, all these welfare measures seems to be his second nature. All the money, planning and execution of these projects were done through public cooperation.
But when crisis strikes the best is called back. After the Mumbai Terror attack at Taj Hotel and other places (26/11/2008), a man of action and results was required to take charge. No wonder the government immediately posted him as the commissioner of Police Mumbai. 
He revamped the complete security measures of the city with world standard equipments, weapons and practices. Also set up 'Force one' a special commando task force equivalent to the NSG for a quick response for any future attack. He went to Israel and brought Israeli police commandos to train 1500 Quick Response Team members of Mumbai police.
Finally he retired at the peak of his career as Director General of Police (DGP), Maharashtra. The Maharashtra police consisted of 250000 police officers and men and they served 12 crores of people. One would wonder if there was another higher rank after that! He would have achieved that also.
He has been a co-author of the book 'Chanakya's 7 secrets of Leadership'. The book continues to be a national bestseller even after 4 years of its release topping the charts in the 'management section' inspiring many youth. This book is also translated in Tamil, Gujrati and Hindi.
Medals are recognitions just came to him (including the prestigious Presidents Distinguished services medal, The Meritorious services medal and the Internal security medal besides the DGP's Insignia for excellent service. But his team building made others in his team also achieve glory.
Retirement does not stop the action men.
The second innings post retirement seems more larger than life. 

He started his own company Securus First India Pvt Ltd where he is the Chairman, working closely with organizations in various areas including cyber-crime, internal frauds, creating safe cities etc.
He is also an independent director in ten other companies, various NGOs and social organizations.
He has given his leadership style and method in the management film 'Chanakya speaks' which has been screened in various universities including Oxford and Cambridge among others.
As a part of the special task force of the Prime minister’s office,  NSCS, Sivanandhan worked hard in the Naresh Chandra committee for revamping India's internal and external security. Now he also continues to advice on national security areas.
As an advisor to top organizations like RBI, BSE, various banks he looks not just into the past but dealing with security concerns of the future. An insight few people have.
He is a very sought after motivational speaker in various corporate forums, a teacher in various universities (Univers
ity of Mumbai, IIT, IIM, Sardar Patel police academy - his alumini etc)
He also continues to write in the 'The Hindu' newspaper which is widely read by many.
Generations would remember the work he has done in our generation. 
Till then....
He continues to conquer....

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