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Kuwait: India International School Mangaf,as the first of its kind had organized a special programme privileging the girls of the IX, X & XI grades to understand and handle the morphological and psychological changes during their teenage with confidence. Dr. JYOTHIRANI, the gynecologist from LIFESTYLE CLINIC through her congenial explanations guided the girls- approximately 120 female participants- about the safety measures to be adopted in this transition process. The programme started with the welcome speech of the principal and continued for a couple of hours at the school indoor auditorium. The senior vice principal and vice principals of various sections also attended the programme. The event came to a close with an effective interactive doubt clarification session which was of great utility for the girls. All the participants found it very useful as they got many tips to manage their adolescence and teenage turbulence easily. The school director, Malayil Moosa Koya honoured the doctor with a memento.

The two hours of enlightenment will be borne by all the teenage girls of IISM forever.  

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