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ICSK Junior students of Class I & II had Gift Wrapping as a part of SUPW activity on Monday 15th May 2017. Gift wrapping is not only an activity but also it is a nice art. Children were taught to pack articles with gift paper for good presentation while giving a gift to their loved ones.  Child safe scissors, Special gift paper, glue and decorative items were used as tools.

Students of Class III were taught to make flowers with satin ribbons.  This activity was planned to teach children to make different types of flowers with satin ribbons.

These fun filled activities make children to think creatively.

Puppets are a great way to engage the attention and imagination of children.  Children of Kindergarten had a hand puppet day on24th May 2017 Wednesday. Kids enjoyed colouring the picture of happy holidays for their hand puppet and teachers stuck the colour pictures on Popsicle stick to make hand puppets.   

A special day was also celebrated by the Kindergarten students on 31.05.2017 to commemorate the Earth Day.  “Go Green” was the thought behind the activity to inculcate the importance of saving trees in the coming generations to look forward to a healthy and green earth.  Children were asked to bring old T-Shirts and were made to hand print the images of tress on the t-shirt.  Children enthusiastically printed their t-shirts.

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