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Long-term Business Visas to India - Embassy of India


          To further strengthen historical ties between India and Kuwait, Indian Embassy has been issuing long-term (upto 5 year) Business Visa to all businesspersons in Kuwait. All are invited to avail this long-term business visa facility of upto 5 years duration (fee KD 78) with multiple entries. Shorter duration business visa of 1 year duration (fee KD 38) with multiple entriesis also available to businesspersons.

2.       Applicants, alongwith an introductory letter from their Company in Kuwait and the purpose of visit may please visit Passport and Visa Centres of CKGS at (a) 17th Floor, Behbahani Building, Sharq, Kuwait : Tel. No. 22440392 (e-mail: ; (b) Complex Kais Alghanim, 4th Floor, Mecca Street, in front of Annod Complex, Fahaheel, Kuwait: Tel. No. 22909229 (e-mail: (c) Jleeb Al Shuyoukh (Abbasiya)  2ndFloor,Jleeb Al Shuyoukh Block 1,Street 1, Xcite building, Kuwait Tel. No. 24342428) (e-mail: for this purpose. CKGS’s website is All visas are granted within 72-hour.

3.       During emergency, applicants can get business visa the same working day. Indian Embassy accepts visa applications directly at its Visa Wing at an additional charge of KD 12. Embassy Visa Officer at Telephone no. 22530600/ Ext 279 may please be contacted.


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