TMMK Kuwait Region hosted a Grand Iftar Banquet on Friday 9th June 2017
Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kalagam (TMMK) Kuwait Region Hosted a Grand Iftar Banquet on Friday 9yh June 2017 at Dasma Teacher Society Kuwait. 
The auspicious Iftar was attended by distinguished personalities, different association heads, TMMK Members and muslim Jamath Members in Kuwait and this function headed by Br. Farook Maharaj President TMMK Kuwait.
The Event was started at 5:30 PM with recitation of the Holy Quran by Br. Nellikuppam Ahmad Varish Kuwait IPP General Secretary, Br. Erumapatti Kamarudeen  TMMK Joint Secretary was welcoming all gathered one and all and the event comparing by Br. Thanjai Sayed Mohamed Akbar, TMMK Educational Secratery.
A special gust Br. Enginer Safiyullakan TMMK State Secratery, Br. Advocate Thanjai I.M. Badusha, TVS Hyther Ali and Veldon Reyal Promotors Br. Mohamed Goush delivered special speech about the holy month of Ramadan.
Br. Kadampoor Naser TMMK MMK Kuwait treasurer thanked one and all for their presence. Iftar Banquet and delicious dinner was served to everyone and more than thousands pockets of food had been distributed.
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