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Due to the summer holiday, Kuwait International Airport has been witness to passenger congestion lately.

In this context, Public Relations and Media Department at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Authority stated the passport section affiliated to Airport Security Department received a total of 934,295 departure and arrival passengers in May.

The number of GCC nationals passing through the airport during the period was 37,300, in addition to 300,220 Kuwaitis, and 596,695 from other nationalities. Statement added 17,838 visas were issued by the passport sector for passengers on arrival.

The officers through the fingerprint system detected 91 deportees who tried to enter the country, arrested three individuals with forged documents and lifted 1,136 travel bans. Also, two deportees were allowed entry, 163 people contacted the passport department for help, while 129 people were arrested and referred to concerned authorities.   -A.T.


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