"Bonam Telangana Pranam" To Be Held on 30th July at LB Stadium

Hyderabad 05, July 2017: The Kaira Foundation in association with Neelima Tanush Dance Academy will have the press release of the "Bonam Telangana Pranam", by Chairman of Sports Authority of Telangana State (SATS) Sri Allipuram Venkateshwar Reddy garu at L.B. Stadium. Program to be held at Lal Bahadur Stadium on Sunday(30-07-2017).

“We belief that our Telangana culture will be universalized by creating the world's most prestigious Guinness Book of World Record by conducting this program with over 5000 women. The program will be represented from 31 districts of the state. This event is open for all age group and for free Registrations they can contact on 040 6589 9909” said Lakshmi Jagadeeshwari President of Kaira Foundation.

Program Convener Sri P. Vinay Kumar, General Secretary Kashinadhuni Vedkirthi, Shri Ch Ramakrishna Goud, co-conveners Sardar, Mallikarjun, Komal Rani members Mounica and Avinash Aditya graced the event.

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