IMA Summer Islamic Classes 2017
INDIAN MUSLIMS ASSOCIATION under the patronage of IPC Kuwait continuing its efforts to enrich the moral values of human being, has once again organized Summer Islamic Classes for students aged between 4-12 years at Indian community School Kuwait – Juniors, Salmiya. By the grace of the Almighty, more than 200 students are participating in the course from different locations of Kuwait, and registration is continuously going on, periods from 01/07/2017 to 25/08/2017.

The students are gaining the basic knowledge of Islam and we are providing a comprehensive understanding of the religion. Various activities and competitions are being conducted in order to nourish the talents of the students. The key feature, which are highly successful, is a daily group activity such as Hifz, Hadith, Seerah and various knowledge about different prophets, Etiquette in Islam, quiz, drawing, Picnic and other curriculum activities.,

In’Sha’Allah, a felicitation ceremony will going to take place soon order to encourage the students. We are requesting family member of students and the people of country to join hands with us to uplift the moral value of new generation for the betterment of the world and akhirah.

Please watch Summer Class video from below link

DSC_0959.jpg DSC_0962.jpg DSC_0963.jpg DSC_0971.jpg DSC_0973.jpg DSC_0982.jpg DSC_0984.jpg DSC_0986.jpg DSC_0988.jpg DSC_0989.jpg DSC_0991.jpg DSC_0993.jpg DSC_1005.jpg DSC_1007.jpg DSC_1010.jpg DSC_1012.jpg DSC_1015.jpg DSC_1019.jpg

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