1. Say goodbye to energy drinks today

If you think that saying YES to energy drinks is cool and trendy, let us tell you that it is not. Rather, it is a sweet poison that might eventually ruin multiple body disorders that you definitely would not want to face. Read the facts below and say sayonara to energy drinks today.

2. Headaches and migraine

Research says that reducing or changing the amount of caffeine intake in your body on daily basis can lead to frequent headaches and even migraine. This misbalance is called caffeine withdrawal symptom. Since energy drinks pump up caffeine in the body, they do more harm than good.

3. Increases anxiety

You will be surprised to know that energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and research says that large doses of caffeine can led to major panic attacks too.

4. SleeplessnessYou might have used them during college days to stay awake during exams, but beware, if consumed on a regular basis they can cause insomnia and anxiety.

5. Diabetes

The energy drink can might say that it contains 0 % sugar but the fact is, majority of them have high sugar content, and can eventually wear out the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, which may lead to type 2 diabetes.

6. Risky behaviour

A study published in The Journal of American College Health has revealed that teens who consume more energy drinks are more likely to take dangerous risks in life that might lead to injury or loss of life.

7. Nervousness

Too much of caffeine intake can badly affect your confidence level and make you anxious. Study shows that more than 2 drinks in a day can also cause emotional imbalance.

8. Depression

You will be shocked to know that energy drinks also contain ingredients that are generally prescribed to patients suffering from depression.

9. High Blood Pressure

Those with elevated blood pressure should avoid energy drinks because highly concentrated caffeine in the drink may lead to risk of stroke and other health problems related to hypertension.



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