A mentally challenged teenager who was missing since two and a half years reunited with his mother in Bengaluru on Wednesday, all thanks to the Aadhar card.

The case relates to an Aadhaar enrollment drive that happened at Home for Mentally Retarded Children, Hosur Road, where officials had taken biometric details of all the boys. However during the biometric assertions it was found that finger prints of 15 year old Sonu Khan were unable to register as he was already registered. The details on the website UID suggested that Sonu Khan was the resident of Ekta Nagar, Karni Vihar at Ajmer Road of Jaipur. 

Children Home Superintendent then contacted the respective police station in Jaipur and also called his mother Mehrunissa. "When I received a phone call and his photo on Whatsapp from the Children home it was like a dream come true. I had lost all hopes to find my son but i used to pray every day for his good health and safety. I couldn't stop crying. I still remember that day when I lost him on Ajmer road highway and since then I kept searching for him everywhere since then," Mehrunnisa told DH. Mehrunissa a vegetable vendor in Jaipur had seen her son last time when playing outside her home situated on Ajmer road in March 2015. However police and Remand house are clueless on how the boy reached Bengaluru. 

On Monday Mehrunnisa along with the Sub inspector of Karni Vihar Police station reached Bengaluru from Jaipur to collect Sonu. People at Children's home describe Sonu's meeting with his mother eternal, as both could not hold back tears of joy," Sonu, who couldn't speak a word in last two years, was full of tears when he saw his mother. He came running and hugged her. Everyone here was into tears", Mukta Bai, probationary Officer at Children's Home shared with DH. 

He was enrolled in the children's home on April 17, 2015 and was mildly retarded. Sonu was sent to Home for mentally retarded Children from the remand House. "Last year when we started making the Aadhar cards of all inmates, Sonu's card got rejected. So this year again in July when we tried to make his card it showed that he is already registered. His finger prints matched. He was a well behaved and was good at making paper envelopes he learnt at skilled institute during his stay in the Home", Mukta Shared. 

Sonu's father Mubarak Khan who was a daily wager died when he was an infant. His elder brother Hasan Khan who is 19 year old is currently pursuing Bachelor's of Computer Applications (BCA). 


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