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 Basic Air Fares and galileo reservation system
City Training Institute is pleased to give you a quick recap of the specialized Travel course.
Basic Air Fares, Reservations Galileo system
Course Objective:
To provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills that can help you start a successful career as a travel professional, broaden your knowledge of the key business issues in the Travel and Airline industry and to learn all basic ticketing and airfare calculation procedures. 
Who will benefit?
Aspiring and ambitious individuals who:
1.   Are working in travel agencies or the Airline industry and wish to advance in this career.
2.   Want to join this exciting industry.
3.   Would like to change their careers to join the travel and tourism industry, the fastest growing industry with a tremendous daily increase in demand especially in the Middle East region.
How will you benefit?
4.  Understand everyday terms and expressions used in the travel industry.
5.  Improve your worldwide geographical knowledge.
6.  Enhance your awareness of key issues in the international travel sector.
7.  Effectively use Airline timetables and flight guides.
8.  Be familiar with the different time zones and calculations.
9.  Calculate different journey types.
10.  Comprehend the concept of e-ticketing.
11. Develop your Sales and Marketing skills.
Course Details:
Duration:                        6 weeks (4 days/week)
Timing:                         16:00 to 18:00 or 18:00 to 20:00
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