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TMCA bids Farewell to Abdul Razak.
 Tamilnadu Muslim Cultural Association (TMCA) bids farewell to its outstanding social worker, Bro. Alwany Abdul Razack of Koothanallur, Tiruvarur District, who is leaving Kuwait for good.  He was instrumental in the launch of TMCA website (www.tmcaonline.com) in the year 2008 and played a key role in its design and look, still under his maintenance and update.
A simple and professional event held yesterday (Friday), the 29th Sept.2017 at Murgab Heer Ranja Restaurant (formerly Trichy Hotel).  About 40 members of its Co-ordination Council were present.  He is presented with a plaque honouring his service contribution to TMCA so long these years in his 25 years of social service in Kuwait on various platforms.  Founders, Guardian Council, Executive and Coordination Council members gave felicitation address highly recalling his association to TMCA.
TMCA wishes a peaceful retired life and continue to serve at his ability in India representing TMCA in various arena.
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