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The 24th Foundation Day of Gulf Indian School

 -- Draupadi Ajaykumar



20th September 2017 was indeed a memorable day, for it was the 24th Foundation Day of our school G.I.S. It was an honourfor me and many others to be the student volunteers or in other words, to share responsibility to make this event a grand success. And I must say the coordination between the teachers, students and support staff was something to behold. The Chief Guest of this year  Fr. Lionel Braganza, the principal of Indian English Academy School, Salmiya was introduced by our principal Mrs. Shyamala Divakaran where in she  highlighted his contributions and achivements. Various other Principalsand Vice principals also attended the event. The programmecommenced with the welcome speech by the Head Girl Manaal Babu. We sat spellbound listening to the chief guest’s speech. It wasn’t the usual kind of formal speech one would be expecting, but a witty, interactive one with valuable messages.  He also gave away the prizes for scholastic and co-scholastic excellence to the students from classes 1 to 12.

The theme this year was “Change” which was brought in through music, dances depicting ‘women empowerment’ culminating in the ‘teachers’ dance’- a pleasantly surprising turn of events!, ‘seasonal changes’, ‘change of a caterpillar to a butterfly’, and ‘changes in Arabian wedding celebrations’, a mime with the topic ‘changes in educational systems’, a dance-drama based on the ‘changes in India’s Freedom Struggle’ and finally, a fashion show based on ‘changes in fashion’. The Head Boy  Abel Thampy John expressed our gratitude to the Parents, Management, Principal & Staff in his vote of thanks. It was truly a great pleasure to be a part of all this, something  I will  remember my whole life.  Thanks to our principal ma’am, whose affection for the students and untiring efforts towards betterment remain unchanging.

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