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KIPS CONDUCTED “Eat Healthy Be Healthy” WEEK

Kuwait: Under the guidance of Principal Mrs. Nilofar Qazi and Vice Principal Mrs. Gayathri Bhaskaran to teach our tiny buddies the basics of personal hygiene to keep themselves healthy and clean. Based on this agenda our team of teachers organized a special assembly for the whole week emphasizing on being healthy .On day one, children learned the top 5 tips on how to clean their hands and had fun doing it practically under the watchful eyes of the teachers. The 2nd day covered the proper technique of brushing with the underlying motto of “Don’t rush when you brush”. On the 3rd day the tiny tots learnt about “Healthy lunch box” and were asked to identify “healthy” and “junk” food. The penultimate day had the Nurse performing a dental check-up -“have no fear dentist is here” for our little ones and a checklist was sent to the parents to make them aware of any dental problem their child was having. On the last day children were taught all the good habits which would help them to take care of themselves and stay healthy. Great effort was taken by the pre-school teachers to educate our tiny buddies. The amazing week came to an end with immense appreciation to Mrs. Nilofar Qazi & Mrs. Gayathri Bhaskaran and all the teachers for their relentless and untiring efforts.

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