Dr. Fajila Azad

(d.lit) Life coach & Hypnotist 

 "First for fun, in work, second to none"  She has broken the glass ceiling and paved the way for many women in our society to reach higher.        

-by Sindhu Vimal

alt The heart is the base of humanity and yet it is such a fragile muscle which can be hurt with a single word. A simple misunderstanding between two parties could sometimes lead to war, and in a world that is filled with so much hate and anger rooted in fear and lack of knowledge, it is hard to perceive of a way to make peace.

It is now possible to fix many things with money, you could use it to disarm situations, buy medicines to even control emotions, but even something as powerful as money, cannot bring true happiness and contentment. It cannot help people understand others, it cannot help negate the fear and hate in altone’s heart, and sometimes even the smallest of misunderstandings, can cause depression.

According to the World Health Organization 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide. So if depression is a disease than is there a cure? Dr.Fajila Azad (D.Lit) , life coach and hypnotist, might be the closest thing to one.

Dr.Fajila Azad is not miracle worker, and yet the things she does fall nothing short of miracles by God's grace. From helping those with severe Phobias overcome them to giving peace of mind to those in search of it, she had done things people never thought were possible,with nothing more complicated than the spoken word, as she stated “Sometimes all people need is a friendly altear and voice of reason, someone who will listen to them and encourage them to keep reaching for their dreams, and that is where I come in.

 I listen to them, I try to show them the truth that they already know, and help them use their own strength to overcome even the most troubling of obstacles, so that they can finally find peace.”

alt The eldest daughter of a Hussain Abdul Cader,well known Businessman and Philanthropist and Mrs,Sithi Subaida, She grew up in Dubai and moved to Singapore soon after her marriage, and eventually moved back to Dubai where she is still settled.

Although she grew up in multiple nations and lived internationally,  she was initially born and raised in Killakarai,Ramnad dt, Tamil Nadu, in a traditional Islamic household. Growing up she knew she wanted to be something more than another face in the crowd, this sparked a fire inside of her which refused to extinguish throughout her years.

alt She recalls “I remember when I was younger, I would spend a lot of my time studying, even when I found it difficult to focus, I never stopped, I knew I had to study to grow my knowledge base, to become better, and I did not stop till I had the top grade in my class. Even when those around me would be having fun I did not get distracted.

alt  I found a balance between my social life and my studies, I would allocate a certain amount of time for socializing and remind myself that I can spend a lot more time socializing after I was done studying.”

This determination and focus did not go wasted for she grew up to write multiple books such as abc made easy ,which is a setbook for Nurseries, Thiranthidu Manasae(tamil) , set book for certain colleges and more,even during her studying days, her article Rajiv Gandhi, Pilot of our Nation had won her critical acclaim

alt She is also well known in the world of poetry, even gaining praise from the poet Vairamuthu & Lena Tamizhvanan for her very first book Nilavu Thathumbum Neerodai  which speaks of humanity , no wonder its been a reference book in many libraries. as she mentioned “when I was young, my father used to write poetry as a hobby, and I always wanted to write poems as beautifully as him, I love the way the words would dance on the paper, the way a poem could calm your entire mind or make you see the world in a way that you’ve never seen before, and I thought, how amazing it would be to be able to write somethingalt so beautiful”

Her strive for knowledge did not end after graduation, her passion, patience, perseverance, and positivity drove her to go on higher studies even after marriage, she would spend much of her youth partaking in inter-college competitions, and after her marriage she took that enthusiasm with her as she continued to increase her knowledge, she said " Thank God for my Husband's support, it's he who encouraged to study further after he came to know about my quest, my passion for knowledge.

alt Though he supports me in all my efforts he is my toughest Critic. at times he would criticize my work ruthlessly which demanded more effort from me but it helped improve my work in the social arena ”

 From such humble beginnings Dr.Fajila Azad grew up to receive multiple awards  "Happiness Ambassador, Women  Excellence award-Life coach. Achievement award from Governer of Tamil Nadu, Kalai paerarasi, Aazh mana sitpi, Kavi ma mani,etc

They say women in business cannot be good mothers, and she proved them wrong, she pushed far in her career while still remembering what is most important to her, her family.

alt Her son Mohamed Nazer who is currently a student of mass communications and a writer himself stated “growing up, I always felt a little lonely, my goals always felt different to my peers, I wanted to focus on the creative parts of the world when everyone around me only focused on education, during this time it was my mother's support that helped me through. She was my inspiration, she had studied everything from MBA(finance) in Dubai, Computer system engineering in Singapore to Jewel designing in Sri Lanka and Vegetable carving in Thailand, and yet she always seemed calm and grounded, she never spoke as if she was better than anyone and she is always eager to learn new things, there is an old saying, never outshine the master, well my mother might have far surpassed the master but she neveralt outshined.

 I once read in my mother's old college year book, under her name "first for fun, in work, second to none" this meant she was always ready to have fun but never compromised her work, she is always funny and jovial, and I cannot honestly think of a better phrase to describe her.”

Her love for helping others and studying further did not seem to be connected at first glance, but it would seem they are actually interconnected, as she mentioned “I always thought of knowledge as a gift, a way to help people.

alt I always loved being able to help my peers whenever I could, sometimes I think I studied passionately so I could share that with others. I remember during graduation all of my peers took photos with me saying that someday I might become an influential person, I felt that was a mission, that I could not let them down."

 It might be safe to say she has succeeded in that mission, for today she helps many people with what she has learnt.

alt What is that drives someone to excellence? Is it something that you are born with? Or is something that you can find? she answered “Praise be to God Almighty, I was not born special, I was not taught that this was the right way to do things or even told that I could be special.

 Honestly I think this drive is something you create, you yourself make it and use it to thrust you forward. Back in grade twelve I saw a movie where the female protagonist received multiple prizes in one day, I remember wishing to be like her, dreaming about receiving so many prizes.

alt Then during my College graduation we had an award ceremony, I was asked up on stage so often that our dean actually said, “we might as well just grab a chair and have her sit here on stage, I’m pretty sure the rest of the prizes are her's as well”. That is still one of my happiest memories and it was proof that any passionate dream, no matter how far-fetched can be achieved,alt I guess that is what drove me into NLP, because NLP teaches us the same thing. Something that I had witnessed first-hand.”

They say that a Jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one, Dr.Fajila Azad is trying to prove it is possible to be a master of all. A renowned poet, author, speaker, counsellor, business woman, wife and mother. She has her own motivational segment in renowned regional television channels, she also writes articles for multiple magazines and she conducts workshops for the IAS academy, and does seminars in multiple schools and colleges internationally.

 She has broken the glass ceiling and paved the way for many women in our society to reach higher.

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