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IEI Kuwait Chapter Conducts its 4th Technical Seminar at Jumeirah Beach Hotels


On Tuesday 12 September 2017, there was lot of rush at Jumeirah Beach hotel Kuwait. It appeared as if the whole of Kuwait was attending the seminar organised by IEI – Kuwait chapter, but latter realized that there was a graduation ceremonyalso taking place and the families of the students graduating were attending on the same day at Jumeirah beach hotels. IEI Kuwait chapter organized its 5th technical seminar sponsored by Siemens titled “Digitalisation and Cyber Security” at the Saud  ball room which was fully packed with Engineers.

The technical seminar started at 7.30 PM and the Master of ceremonies Engr. Sam Ananth, welcomed the gathering and requested Speakers of the Seminar Engr. Nadir Al Hasawi, Engr. Fuad Al Altar, and Engr. Ajay Sharma, Chairman of IEI Kuwait Chapter and Engr. Thomas John, General Secretary of IEI Kuwait chapter on to the dais. Flower Bouquets were presented by the EC members to the dignitaries and Engr. Ajay Sharma, Chairman IEI Kuwait chapter delivered his welcome speech. He welcome all the guests, dignitaries and the fellow members for the 5th technical seminar organised by the IEI executive committee. He profusely thanked Siemens management for graciously sponsoring the technical seminar for IEI members on the very happening topic Digitalisation and Cyber Security. He conveyed his thanks to Mr. Tariq Al Awad, Siemens management representative, who attend with his team. He explained in short the credentials of IEI, which is one of the largest Technical and Professional body composing of more than 3 Million Engineers worldwide.'The Indian Society of Engineers' was born on Sept 13th1920. The Royal Charter was granted to the Institution on September 9, 1935 by his Majesty George V. the King of the England.

Engr. SudhirMeghani, TreasurerIEI Kuwait chapter, presented a brief introduction about the speaker,Engr. Nader Al Haswai is responsible at Siemens for the IT governance of the region Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa. He holds a bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, Masters of liberal Art in Information technology Harvard University, USA, CIO Executive Program from IMD Switzerland, Advance management from Siemens Leadership program, Germany. Engr. Nader, explained the basics about digitalisation and cyber security. He presented to the audience about the predictive maintenance, performance based contracts and out –come oriented contracts and explained in short about the Industry 4.0 logic used in the maintenanceprograms. He briefed about the IoT (internet of things) and spoke about the data analyzer used for analyzing the Big data, Artificial intelligence, simulation, automation and digitalization. He touched on other subjects of Machine learning and deep learning.

Engr. Ramana EC member, presented a brief introduction about the second Speaker Engr. Fuad Al Attar, who has more than 20 years of experience in the automation industry, held various positions and is currently the GM in Siemens Digital factory. He has designed and executed many automation and safety systems for large scale and critical applications in the Oil &gas, power, water, aerospace,& process industries. Engr. Fuad is an active researcher in industrial IoT , industrial networking, digital signal processing, natural language processing, machine learning and knowledge management. Engr. Fuad dealt about the Digitalisation and cyber security in detail and explained the concepts of CPS – cyber physical system, embedded computer monitors and the control physical process. He scared the maintenance Engineers that they will lose their jobs, due to digitalisation, where maintenance work can be carried out by experts through the virtual media and connectivity. He explained in detail about the open protocol adopted by Siemens to take the technology forward for the benefit of all – like the mind sphere, mind connect, he elaborated on the IT- OT –operational technology and the Industrial control systems in the future. Engr. Fuad touched on the various aspects of the cyber security and its importance in the advancement of the technologies.

There was very interesting Q & A sessions which was well answered by the speakers. A memento was presented to the speakers in appreciation of their enlightening seminar and knowledge sharing with fellow engineers.

Engr. Thomas John, General Secretary proposed the vote of thanks and once again appreciated the knowledge resources of the Siemens and thanked the management of Siemens for providing such a wonderful sponsored technical seminar by the eminent speakers. He briefed on the activities of the Kuwait Chapter like the upcoming AMIE exam to be conducted from Dec 2nd to Dec 8th in Kuwait. He urged the student members to register in large numbers and prepare well for the exams. The 5th Technical Seminar will be conducted by mid October on the Industrial Safety by the Team Leader of Bureau Veritas Mr. Milton Edward Dana and Egr V K Shenoy of KNPC on Productive Maintenance. The event ended with a sumptuous dinner and people enjoyed the topic and the gourmet served.

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