******** EID MUBARAK ********
ADMISSION PROCESS STARTS AT THE INDIAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL, KUWAITThe process of admission, for the academic session 2018-19, in the IndianCommunity School, Kuwait is going to begin from 17th October, 2017.Registra&on forms can be downloaded from the school website www.icsk-kw.com,from 17.10.2017, 1 a.m. to 23.10.2017, 1 a.m. Duly *lled applica&on can besubmi+ed to the respec&ve branches of ICSK as per the date men&oned in theregistra&on form. On comple&on of registra&on, con*rma&on email and sms willbe sent to the respec&ve parent. Date of interac&on will be in&mated throughemail and the result will be published in the school website on Sunday, 26thNovember, 2017.The detailed informa&on is available on www.icsk-kw.com.
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