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Welfare Kerala Kuwait Distributes NORKA ID’S
Welfare Kerala Kuwait, Farwaniya zone is all set to distribute the first batch of NORKA Id cards to the applicants. The ID cards will be distributed at Ideal Auditorium, Farwaniya, on Friday 13th October 2017 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in a public function aimed at creating awareness among expatriates on their rights and various benefits offered to Non resident Indians by the Government of Kerala and the likes offered by Government of India.
According to the Kerala Migration Survey, there are 22 lakh migrant workers from Kerala are working abroad and almost 90% are resident in Gulf Cooperation Council countries. On 6th December 1996, Government of Kerala launched the Department of Non Resident Keralite's Affairs (NORKA) to redress the grievances of nonresident Keralites both in India and abroad and to have a sustainable partnership with them. NORKA is the first Department of its kind in India offering various services and benefits to Indians abroad.  For more details please call99309623,51151660 and 99893650.
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