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ASSE-Kuwait Chapter Commemorates World Ozone Day

Kuwait City:16th September 2017

alt As part of our continuous efforts to enhance the awareness on World recognized HSE events and International days, to spread the HSE updates which will protect people, property and Environment, ASSE Kuwait Chapter is commemorating the International Days since its inception in the year 2000. An event was organized to commemorate Ozone Day at KOC tent on 16th September 2017 this year.

ASSE- Kuwait Chapter lead by Chairman Mr. Fadhel-Al Ali, is a non- profit organization which always strives to excel in providing quality trainings and consultation in the field of Health Safety and Environment all across different public and private sectors in Kuwait.

alt Mr. Sunil Sadanandan, Secretary of ASSE Kuwait chapter briefed about the significance of the Ozone Day and the importance of organizing such events. Mr. Muhammad Alamgir, President of ASSE Kuwait chapter, Mr. Lafi Al-Fehaid, Senior member of ASSE Kuwait Chapter, Mr. Ashok Garlapati, Advisory Committee member of ASSE Kuwait Chapter & Global Region Vice President, Mr. Mohd. Amjad Al-Saleh, Managing Director of M/s. Reliance Worldwide Catering Company, welcomed the participants with a note on the Ozone theme.

Mr. Mazharuddin Shaik, Head of HSE Events committee shared a presentation on Ozone layer and requested the participants to take steps to protect the Ozone layer. Mr. Ramkumar Nachupally, a member of HSE events committee gave a note on the theme and introduced the speaker Dr. Eng. Sultan Al-Salem

alt During the key note presentation Dr. Eng. Sultan Al-Salem, PhD. MSc. BSc. (Chem. Eng.), Associate Research Scientist, Environment and Life Sciences Research Centre of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, delivered an extraordinary presentation which evoked all the participants by showing related technical data. More than 150 participants participated from various sectors (Government Sectors, Oil & Gas Companies, Contractors and, HSE Consultancies).

Mr. Aamir Rasheed Vice President of ASSE Kuwait chapter in his closing Remarks thanked the speaker Dr. Eng. Sultan Al-Salem , Mr. Mohd. Amjad Al-Saleh, MD of M/S Reliance Worldwide catering MD. He also thanked for all the participants for their interest shown towards HSE programs arranged by chapter. At the end of program delicious dinner served which was sponsored by M/S Reliance Worldwide catering. Details about the future events would be available to the members and community members through email info@assekuwait.orgFor more details, visitwww.assekuwait.org

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