Women’s Role In Social Well Being Is Inevitable – M.I. Abdul Azeez


Speakingin a study camp at Pravasi Auditorium Abbasiya, conducted for ladies by Islamic Women’s Association (IWA), Jamat-e-Islami Kerala State Ameer Janab M.I. Abdul Azeez said that the role of women in Islamic society is dynamic.Islam lays emphasis on the family as the building block, cornerstone and fundamental unit of society. The greatest duty of  woman is, therefore to lay, the foundations of a virtuous society in her role as a mother. It is the mother who with patience brings children into the world, and whose love and proper grooming is so essential for a healthy society. Having started from family to society on the whole, women are given a significant role hand in hand with men, theyshouldrealize this fact and come forth. 


IWA president Mehabooba Anees presided over the function, earlier the program started with recitation of verses from Quran by Najiya and IWA GS Najma Shareef welcomed the gathering.

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