Students of FAIPS-DPS attended a workshop on oil and gas organised by SPE ENERGY 4ME on 18TH October 2017 at Hubara Centre , Kuwait, to familiarize themselves with the concepts of oil exploration. The workshop began with a warm welcome address by the CEO of Kuwait Oil Company, Mr. Jamal Jaafar who  explained the progress made  by KOC in this field so far , providing some insights into their future plans.

The students performed a series of experiments which demonstrated fundamental concepts in oil exploration and extraction , providing valuable insights into the field of Petroleum Engineering.  After a motivating session with Mr. Saood Abdulrahim, Process Engineer at KOC,  further practical demonstrations were held to explain various applications of Physics in Oil extraction. The students also visited Ahmed Al Jabaar Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre and viewed  various exhibits on drilling and exploration with interest. A documentary featuring innovative techniques adopted to extinguish burning oilfields, post invasion was both interesting and informative.

It was a very instructive session especially for the aspiring students of Petroleum Engineering. The students returned with loads of gifts and an enthusiasm to pursue further in this field.   

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