10 Creative Team Building Questions to Help You take the Right Step


Jitenddra Bhojwani
Creative/Technical Writer

Building teams is a difficult task, however, more difficult is to build strong teams driven by passion and retain the quality. You might be a great achiever, but now you have to pass those qualities and traits to your team.

If you want to build great teams you need to ask yourself some creative team building questions and answers to them will provide you the required insights.

Do we have a common goal?

No, here we are certainly not talking of the “big” questions. Most of the times the goal (or ideal goal) is same: Success, Progress, Development, Taking to the next level…….so on!

Here you need to know the exact goals of the team. For example if you are working in a hosting industry and want to start providing the private cloud hosting you should make sure if all the members of the team have the same goal. Do they really think that adding the private cloud hosting packages to your bouquet will improve the sales? Or some of them think that you should first increase the penetration in WordPress hosting market.

However, knowing what other team members have in mind might not be very difficult but taking an ideal course based on the findings is certainly exhausting. In such cases always be ready to accept the fresh approach. If you are able to see certain logic in your team’s views, think it over even if their take is different from yours. 



Is full democracy a good thing?

Full democracy would lead you to nowhere while the complete dictatorship will be detrimental for the growth of the whole team. For the best approach you can try a simple thing “convince or get convinced”. 

If you really think that the teammates have some great ideas that can prove to be better or your business then you can work on their ideas and if you are fully convinced of your own perspective you should be able to convince your team too.

How to communicate?

Be clear and precise in your communication. Avoid Jargons and dread long winded paths. They will damage the very soul of team building. Always be short and precise in your communication.

alt Here is the golden rule: Take 100%of your communication, cut it to 80% and then trim it further to the 30% key matter. Use the words economically and each single word you speak should justify it presence. It will retain the interest of audience.

How should I lead/communicate?

People like prototypes: A leader should be a good orator he should be a great influencer, etc. etc. Do not heed to them without reasoning, remain what you are, just act your best.

Suppose you are an introvert does not pretend to be a good orator, as you are not! Just communicate with your team in a short precise way but show the people the strong sensibility and strategy behind the same. Doesn’t be another man; just act your qualities in the best way. If you would pretend to be equipped with more “saleable” qualities, you stand a risk of faux personality, ever changing. That would fail to leave a long lasting impact on your team.

How should I win the commitment of the team members?

You should be able to show the employees their own benefit. Tell them in no uncertain terms that if the organization will grow they too will grow. And respect the employee’s age. They don’t like hollow promises.

alt Tell them in definite terms with figures and facts that how they will grow, what incentives they can expect and how their career graph be defined by organization’s growth. It will encourage them to devise a well-structured plan depending upon their requirements in terms of career and monetary growth.

How to make the employee committed?

Another thing to keep into mind is to make sure that the employees should be inclined to commit themselves to the cause. Whether you are going to add a new product or explore the new market make sure that the while team is with you.

One of the major mistakes done at this stage is presentation of communication. Do not “tell” or “inform” your team members but always interact with them. Take their suggestions, ask foe recommendations and solicit their views. Apart from keep them interested, the interactive process will also encourage the team members to have a sense of ownership. 

It started out quite well but now going nowhere, why?

Most of the times the enthusiastic interaction fail to attract any positive results in the absence of proper follow up so it is very important to regularly follow up the communication you started, It will not only keep the whole team connected but will also encourage them to present some fresh perspective on the same.

For examples you are a web hosting provider and thought of introducing the clouds hosting packages. The idea may have been great, but then it took another 6-7 months before you actually start selling cloud hosting.  In this case a regular follow-up is highly recommendable. In the fast changing world technology changes every month and competitors are always taking the cue to outpace you by introducing newest technology at the earliest. If your strong competitor has already launched cloud hosting packages at lowest rates, then it is best to hold for some time, Hence regular follow-up is extremely important for well informed decisions.

alt Rigidness is not required but should I be totally flexible?

Even before you start the communication, make sure that you should be open to the reasonable flexibility.

Being too rigid in your approach will defeat the very objective of the team communication. However, at the same time don’t be too flexible either. In short we can just say “be professional”. Professionals listen to everyone but do only the things that is beneficial for the company.

Should I give the required free hand to everyone?

 Do not give a free hand to each member of the team as it will leapt team to nowhere. And most importantly it will outright deny the importance of your presence, if everyone has a freehand then what is the use of a leader.

Just make sure that there should be some scheduled days when the employees can freely express their views an exercise their original ideas in a well structured way,

How to lead for best impact?

It is very important to present your own career growth as an example. The people believe something if presented in the verifiable format. SO if you will give them your live example the team will surely take your words more seriously.

And yes, tell them a tale, it sells very well. Tell them about your humble beginnings when you were at the same position as they are today, then how did you ventured ahead, and what capabilities helped you to reach high levels.


Creating reliable trustworthy teams can be an exhausting process. However, if you ask yourself some key questions and answer them honestly much of the complexity can be scrubbed away from the whole process. If you excel at the art of team building question then things will be very simple for you.

So instead of being excited you should be mindful and build the teams that are reliable and trustworthy.


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