Renowned Urdu Poet AfrozAlamTravelsto Gulf Countries to Participate in Literary Events.


In TheNovember-2017, Well known Urdu Poet and Writer AfrozAlam- President of Gulf Urdu Council &Vice President of Writers’ Forum-Kuwait and alsoMaurya Kala Parisar-Kuwaitis all setto visit Muscat (Oman), Jubail (Saudi Arabia) & Bahrain toparticipate in literary events; Mushaira, being organized by Urdu organizationsviz Indian Social Club-Muscat (Oman), Karwan-e-Bhopal International-Jubail(KSA), & Lions Club – Bahrain. 

Several renowned poets different parts of world will be participating in these International Mushaira, wherein AfrozAlam will represent Kuwait.

AfrozAlam, being the President of Gulf Urdu Council-GCC, will also have anofficial meeting with members &office bearersof Oman- Muscat chapter, “Meet & Greet on Lunch Time”to 10th November 2017.

AfrozAlam, Universally renowned Urdu poet,Critic Writer & hilarious Anchor, has also authored Alfaz Kay saye(Poetry), Dhup Kay Alam me' (Poetry), 'Fsl-e-Taza (Poetry)', Kuwait Kay Ahl-e-Qalam(Poetry)', 'Rashid Mewati: fun-o-shaksiyayt' (Critic), and Kuwait me AdabiPeshraft  (History of Urdu Literature in Kuwait)”.

While on the subject, it will not be out of place to mention, AfrozAlam, in third quarter of 2017 has participated in 4 difference literary events in Kuwait.All the literary personalities of Kuwait wish him success in his new venture.

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