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An alert three-year-old girl saved her friend from the jaws of death, in Annur village, near Bharathinagar of Mandya district.

Chandana, daughter of Ajithkumar and Shilpa couple, has saved Rithu, daughter of Chandrashekar and Vinutha, from drowning.

The incident occurred on November 10, when Chandana saw her friend Rithu slip into an eight-foot-deep roadside drain. On seeing Ritu drowning, Chandana ran home and alerted her father, who did not take it seriously. Later, she ran to Rithu's house and told her parents, but they did not believe.

Then, she started crying loudly. Sensing trouble, Chandana's father Ajithkumar came to the spot and jumped into the drain. He lifted her, but, by then, Rithu had become unconscious. He gave her first aid, after which Rithu regained consciousness.

She was rushed to a hospital in Bharathinagar and was discharged on Tuesday. Both Rithu and Chandana are neighbours and go to anganwadi together.


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