alt Reverberating its auditorium, ICSK Khaitan witnessed a vibrant and colorful Grand Finale of its Art Fest; Khoj 2017 on 4th November 2017.

The Arts Fest- Khoj 2017 began with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran followed by the prayer song. The National Anthems of Kuwait and India were sung to pay homage and tribute to our Foster land and Motherland. The chief guest and other dignitaries were cordially welcomed by the Principal Mr. K. G. Shirsathand then the traditional lamp was lit ceremonially.

alt The Chief Guest Mr. Mubarak Al-Rashed, Kishore Kumar Famed Renowned Singer of Kuwait addressed the students and presented a remarkable recital with his melodious voice. He enthralled everyone with his fantabulous singing. He rose to the occasion by singing to the demands of the audience and got the youngsters clamouring for more. Stealing everyone’s heart by rendering the famous and very popular Bollywood songs without any reserve.

The cultural events that followed comprised of the prize winning items in dance, music, recitation, skit and mime. The dancers with their fast moving altrhythmic steps got everyone’s heats a flutter. The students participated with great enthusiasm. The mime which presented a social message stole the show and it was undoubtedly captivating.The various competitions had been conducted earlier and the prize winners were proud to receive their awards and certificates.

The Kala Tilaks and Kala Pratibha Awards for securing the maximum points in the different Categories were awarded special Prizes.

KALA TILAK                                                KALA PRATIBHA

1.      Johanna Mary Jose                                         1. Hamidulla Sheikh

2.      Ridhi Bali                                                        2. Ayman M Younis

3.      Melissa Johnson                                              3. Mohammad Younis

4.      Devika Girish                                                  4. Milan Abraham Mathew

5.      Sabiha Khan                                                   5. Vishnu Santosh

alt It was truly a mesmerizing evening managed by the Class XI students - the Phoenix Event Management Group- who rose to the occasion and worked untiringly towards its success. The Chief Guest applauded the meticulous manner in which the students conducted the whole show. Mr. Shaik Abdul Rahiman – Hon. Chairman, Mr. S. N. Raju – Hon. Treasurer and Mr. A. Amer Mohammed – Hon. Secretary to the Board of Trustees together with Dr. Binumon Senior Administrator and Principal, ICSK Senior, Mr. Rajesh Nair Principal ICSK Amman and Ms. Shirley Dennis, Principal, ICSK Jr. were present to bless and felicitate the students.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Mr. Ravi Ayanoli the Vice Principal. The spectators had a really magnificent time and dispersed with the belief and understanding that their children were in capable hands that nurture their overall development and thus moulding wonderful personalities of the future citizens of the world. 

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