Children's DayChildren’s day was celebrated on November 14th, 2017 in ICSK Amman with great enthusiasm and a variety of entertainment programmes by the teachers. Students in their vibrant coloured dresses fluttered all around the campus like butterflies. To mark the occasion, special assemblies were conducted by the teachers for students of different sections. Children seemed to enjoy the assemblies immensely as teachers themselves conducted it and performed for them.

AmmanThe assembly commenced with prayer song and national anthems sung by the teachers. Students watched in delight when teachers came forward to deliver the thought for the day, speech and news reading. In their speeches teachers lovingly conveyed to children how precious they are to the teacher, the real gifts from God. The excitement continued when the teachers presented a medley of popular songs and the children encouraged them with a loud round of applause. The students were surprised as well as thrilled when their mentors appeared on the stage with scintillating dance numbers.

TeachersPrincipal Mr. Rajesh Nair and Vice Principal Dr. Mary Isaac also joined in the celebrations whole-heartedly and expressed their love for the children. The Principal, in his address to the students, conveyed the significance of children’s day emphasizing the importance of childhood, how they can spend it in the best way and grow up to be useful citizens. In her speech, the Vice Principal appreciated all the teachers for the effort they had taken to entertain the students and pointed out that it was a token of their love for the children. It was a wonderful experience and it was evident from the happiness on the children’s faces that they enjoyed a lot. It was indeed a memorable day for both students and teachers.

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