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Urdu Writer Maimuna Ali Chougle’s book “MATA-E-FIKR “launched in Kuwait

By Vijaya Nair(vijayanair30@yahoo.com)

Famous Urdu author and writer Maimuna Ali Chougle's book "MATA-E-FIKR" Book Launching Ceremony held at Rajdhani Place on 25-11-2017. The Chief Guest of the event Prof. Khandu Gangadhar Shirsath (Principle ICSK, Kaithan) andguest of honorMr.Aslam Imadi graced the occasion.

The programme started at8p.m. by recitation of Quran by Aysha saber Galsurkar which followed with welcome speech by Sabur Al Sukhar. Author Maimuna Ali Chougle introduced the book to the guests and to the audience.

Prof.Shirsath unveiled the book. On his speech Prof.Shirsath said it is his first visit to such events; he is very much impressed with the poets. He assured to introduce poetry classes in his school to encourage young and blooming poets to write traditional style of literature.

Author Maimuna Chougle addressed the gathering and introduced her book MATA-E-FIKR in her opening speech. She said about the prominent people like Ali Sardar Zafri, Amath Chokthaye, Amreeta Preetam, Ali Ahmad Sarwar, Mushtaba Hussain, Sharaf Kamale, Sahir Shivi, Yaqub Rahe and Akhtar Rahe, Gulzari, Dr.Saleh Zawad Musa, Aslam Imadi,Zahid Hena(Pakistan) and Sabir Badr Jaffry (Pakistan) PraveenSher (Canadian Poet) Who got recognition in different fields, their thinking’s and opinions were included in this book as per her experience and knowledge. At the end of “Pesh-E-Labz” she thanked Mr.Shahid Hinahi,Mr. Ali Chougle(Husband) Who Supported and helped to complete this book.She expressed gratitude to all those who helped her to complete this book. She specially thanked her family members Nadeem Chougle, Dr.Rubina Ali Gynecologist by profession working in Kuwait.

The Author said her first book Kuch Zikar-Kuch Fikar, second book Fikhar-wa-Nazar were liked and appreciated by readers that inspired her to write this book, so she is expecting same love and response from reader’s .Mr. Ibrahim Sange dedicated poetry to book Mata-e-Fikr.

The floor was opened for recitation of poetry. Different styles of poetries(Mushaira) were recited by renowned poets Afroz Alam,Sabir Omer Galsulkar,Shakhil Jamshedpuri,Ibrahim Sange Qasid,Dr.Radhika,Nazneen Ali,Bader Seemab,Zulfiqar Arshad Zaki,Rana Zaheer Mushtaq,Aslam Imadi,Maimouna Ali Chougle,Israt Jaisi,Qamar Minto,Kedar Nath Kedar etc.

The poetry session grabbed the attention of the audience.Saleem Desai read the vote of thanks he thanked  Singh Media Team for the covering Event ,at the end of the programme delicious dinner was served.

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