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Chasing their desire for excellence, the talented students of Indian Learners Own Academy created yet another milestone in the journey of achievements by bagging the FIRST RUNNER UP trophy in ‘XPRESSIONS 2017 conducted by IEAS on 18th November, 2017.It was indeed a day of jubilation and pride for all in the school.

Unleashing their talent and passion, 94 students enthusiastically participated at both junior and senior levels in a plethora of literary and creative activities, oratory skills, performing and visual artevents competing with more than 700 students giving a tough chase to their competitors from 14 schools in Kuwait.

The selected contestants were briefed about their events and criteria well in advance to be prepared for the grand finale. Right from day 1, the days ahead were filled with excitement and anxiousness waiting for 18th November 2017. The theme ‘Mother’ diligently worked with fervorto excel in this mission.

Under the able guidance of their principal, teachers, and mentors, and with a firm belief in the maxim ‘Dare to Dream and Strive for Excellence”, the participants set the stage rocking by their stupendous performances and creativity.

It was a proud moment on the competition day as the results were announced one after the other. All the participants kept their fingers crossed after giving in their due best.The children became good chefs, story-tellers, designers, actors, dancers, singers, musicians……..you name it and What not!!!

Indian Learners Own Academy secured theFirst position in Chanel your inner Boutique(juniors), AakhirKyaKehnaChahte Ho? (NukkadNattak), Fabric Painting (seniors) and Whip up Something in a Hurry (seniors), Second in Amped-up English Band Event, Pitch Perfect, Advertisement Making Event and Raazzmataaz and Third in Whip up Something in a Hurry ( juniors), Extempore Speaking, Kitchen Percussion, Once upon a time -  Bedtime Story, Fine Tooning – Caricature, Chanel Your Boutique(seniors)  and Indo-western Band.      

The Principal of ILOA, Mrs. Asha Sharma expressed her gratitude to the ever supportive stakeholders of the school. She congratulated and applauded the staff and the students for their immense passion,excellent coordination and untiring effort. 

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