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20 Harsh Truths About Corporate Life Nobody Will Ever Tell You
Published on Published onMarch 16, 2015
---Nilesh Nirghude Patil
InTwenties most of us take up our first jobs.  It’s great to start earning and ‘be on your own’, yet, corporate life is nothing like we imagine it to be in our early years. 
It’s stressful and unrewarding. 
18 harsh truths about corporate life nobody will ever tell you.
1. The more efficient you are at your work, the more you will be burdened with it.
(Not always a bad thing if one wants to learn and grow one's competency)
2. Nobody cares about your individual progress in the corporate world. All that matters is what you contribute to the company.
(Largely true till one meets sensitive superiors who genuinely work to  grooming juniors, and mentor them for higher responsibilites)
3. There will come a time when you will take up a job just for the money and nothing else.
(Usually a good idea, as idealism is a lost cause in our urrent corporate and social environment, particularly in developing economies.  The value of goodwill creation, image of company by a dedicated and committed employee is neither fully acknowledged and more often not understood well)
4. Desk jobs kill creativity and efficiency.
(Mostly true for unimaginative minds, and close minded environment, as it does not have to with supportive superiors)
5. Very often, you will be held accountable for tasks that weren't even your responsibility in the first place.
(Expertise is how to shift responsibility than take it on oneself, where companies reward such behaviour.  Such company suffers immensely in time, but the damage to individuals is done, and the rewarded perpetrators get away with their crimes)
6. You will be dealing with a dozen tasks other than what you were initially hired for. Your scope of work will only keep increasing.
(Often it is a positive thing, especially as you acquire many more skills.  Only thing is that sometimes those are dinosauric skills that will not take you far in life)
7. You will be constantly made to believe you need the company more than it needs you, and that, is not always true. 
(If you are capable and can create value, sooner or later you will make your mark in the right atmosphere)
8. Meetings are a waste of time. Always. Nothing good has ever come out of them, really. Most people aren't listening, and the ones talking are far away from reality.
(A structured well convened meeting is very informative, especially if it industry based meets, or a corporate level policy making discussions on nuances of the subject matter and differenet perspectives that apply) 
9. If you’re sluggish, you’ll be ridiculed by your boss. If you’re proactive, you’ll be hated by your colleagues.
(You will be feared if you are capable, and pulled up for no real cause from time to time)
10. Your needs as an employee would go completely ignored, sometimes. You won’t get what you really deserve until you raise your voice and put your foot down.
(You may be tolerated for merit and thrive even without, but there is little tolerance for insubordination, even if you are right in all other aspects)
11. You will be made to work with uninspired people and it will be the most difficult task ever. Your team-mates would neither be of any help, nor would they make it possible for you take everything in your own hands, and it will kill your passion.
(Shit happens) 
12. People around will constantly pull you down with their cynicism solely because they hate your guts.
(Expect it.  Do your job for your own satisfaction in such cases)
13. Nobody is going to appreciate you staying in extra hours every single day but the one time you leave a little early, hell will break lose.
(True that.  Tongues wag, and often encouraged) 
14. Whichever new initiatives you volunteer for, become your responsibility.
(Separation of ideation from action often does not exist.  Such action supports the adage " Put your money where your tongue is".  
Do not espouse ideas unless you have thought it through.  
The best of ideas are scuttled by uninspired leadership)
15. Sales is the ultimate blame center
(In progressive companies sales are recognised and incentivised on direct performance, sometimes rewarded outstandingly.  When the chips are down they take the fall too) 
16. The HR Department is useless, wherever you go.
(HR often limits themselves to recruitment, placement, policy making, disciplinary cases, and some career policies.  They are highly dependent upon a proactive supervision/managerial involvement of individual performance.  With positivity they can make a great contribution to the health and well-being of the company.  A company gone bad is a collective responsibility of senior managment including HR) 
17. Office politics is definitely not a myth.
(Beware.  The Grapevine is known to be far more dangerous and damaging than your capability or contribution at work, and very often encouraged)
18. Either you are a part of something, or you are out of team, which is not in your interest or favour either.
(Not everytime you can be in the core team, despite your ability and contribution.  Both you and the conmpany loses in such cases) 
19. But meritocracy is. There will be times when undeserving people will get credit for the work you do, simply because they are higher up on the corporate ladder.
(It is the norm.  Not to be forgotten is "Heavy rests the head who wears the crown", more so in well run companies working in a competitive industry) 
20. Half of your time will be spent in sending out unnecessary mails that will never even be read to countless people who want to feel important, before you can actually start working. And more often than not, you will end up doing everything yourself. 
( Excessive email and social media is the norm.  Some may consider even this one and opinions expressed as irrelevant and useless)
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