Buntara Sangha Kuwait organizes Family Picnic and Sports Day

BuntaraBuntara Sangha Kuwait as organized its first outdoor event of the year “Family Picnic& Sports day” recently, at the Fintas garden which witnessed  a large gathering of Bunt families residing  in Kuwait. The event was inaugurated by releasing the balloons in the air by senior members while the President, Yadunath Alva Adyapadi did the traditional breaking of the coconut as they declared the event open.

As members poured in full strength various sports and games were conducted. Kids were entertained with variety of games, while the elders both men and women participated in the various innovative games. Couple games like running withBalloons provided the extra entertainment and thrill.

PicnicSports Secretary Shodhan Shetty and his Sports committee members meticulously planned the sports and games as a comprehensive full day event. Volleyball, Throw ball, Tug-of-war and Tarai-Katta were the major highlights as they were played with vigor and to the cheers of the crowd.

A stupendous lunch was provided by Avanti Palace Restaurant. Individuals and teams who won were awarded with gifts as token of appreciation by the managing committee and subcommittee members.

All the committee members who toiled day and night to achieve their target were appreciated by the president for their hard work in his concluding speech and itwas  trulythe unity of the committee members and active participation of the members that eventually led to the success of the family picnic.

General Secretary Praveen shetty Shankat hosted the event and proposed the vote of thanks.

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