ICSKThe 5th Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) of Billava Sangha Kuwait was held on 1st December 2017, at the Indian Community School, Salmiya.

The event commenced with a Guru Shloka followed by the lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest of the day Dr. Ganesh Amin Sankamar, President Mr. Raghu C Poojary, Management Committee & Advisory Committee members and senior members Bhaskar Anchan,Mr. Manoj Kumar & Mr. Sudhakar Suvarna.

MemberPresident, Mr. Raghu C Poojary in his welcome speech urged all the Billavas to stay united and be strong with each other and urged to work for the upliftment of the community. The General Secretary, Mr. Gautham Suvarna read the Annual Report of the activities of the association while the Treasurer Mr. Raghav Poojary read out the financial report for the year, both of which were approved by the members.  The proposal for the amendment to constitution was placed before the members by the General Secretary and the same was carried unanimously by the members present in the AGM.

AGMAdvisor Mr. Satish Kunder, in his motivating speech gave a detailed insight about the scholarship program for the less privileged deserving students of the community back at home. He appreciated young active members of BSK for their sincere hard work in the success of getting large number of associates for supporting 100 students this year in their education.Committee

Billava Sangha Kuwait considers it as honour to have a well-known Tulu scholar Dr. Ganesh Amin Sankamar – (Dean & Professor at St. Aloysius Collage, Mangalore) as Chief Guest of the day. Dr. Ganesh Amin Sankamar was honored with a shawl, platter of fruits and a memento by the members of Managing & Advisory committee.  Mr. Sandeep Kumar Attavar was also felicitated with a shawl, platter of fruits and a memento for his contribution towards the association. Speaking about the resurrection activities at “Devi Baidethi Koti Chennaya ProfessorMoolasthana” at Gejjegiri, he commended BSK for fulfilling the responsibility by offering the full amount for the construction of “Kuppe Panjurli Daivasthana”.

Dr. Ganesh Amin Sankamar graced the occasion and in his address very humbly explained in detail about the Billava community, Tulu language and about Tulu culture. He also appreciated Billava Sangha Kuwait for their contribution towards scholarship to the deserved students through Shree Guru Charitable Trust and appealed for participation in bigger numbers in future.

Later video and slide show of the Education Programme by Sri Guru Charitable Trust, Surathkal, was displayed with recordings of the survey of candidates, motivation programme, interview with students and the progress of  children’s caliber which emotionally touched the heart of all in the audience.

During AGM, drawing competition held for kids from age group 4 to 15 to bring the best talent in the following category. The competition was fairly judged by Mr. Pradeep Kumar and Mr. Sudhir Kumar and the winnersare as follows;

Age Group                 Theme                                    1st Place          2nd Place         3rd Place

4 to 6                           Colouring                              Tanush               Pranav             Tejas

6 to 9                           Scenery Sketch                      Ritika                 Saisha              Yash

9 to 15                         Mahatma Gandhi Sketch       Arjun                  Kriti                Aarushi 

The Lantern competition which was held during Billava Chavadi 2017 was judged by Mr. Sanath Shetty and Mr. Durgesh on October 20, 2017 and the prizes were distributed during the AGM to the winners as follows:

Mr. Raghu C. Poojary             - 1st Prize

Mr. Naveen V. Bangera          - 2nd Prize

Mr. Neelesh Suvarna              - 3rd Prize

Members Krishna S Poojary and Dhanraj Talapady were felicitated with memento for their contribution for the stage setting during Billava Chavadi 2017 while Kavitha Bangera, Shilpa Chandrashekar, Shruthi Hemanth, Tina Govind, Preethi Krishna, Rashmi Mithun, Sandesh Amin, Sandesh Salian, Padmanabh Poojary, Avin Suvarna, Pooja Amith, Saumya Suvarna, Asha Kunder, Rashmi Raj, Gunavathi R Poojary for their supporting roles for the drama and the programme. Judges for the Drawing Competition Mr. Pradeep Kumar and Mr. Sudhir Kumarwere felicitated with the flowers.  

BSK kids and members performed variety of cultural activities (solo dance/group dance/skits / songs) to the loud applause from the audience.

The Returning Officer, Mrs. Ashwitha Surendra announced the new Managing committee members elected unanimously for the year of 2018 as follows:

Ø  President                 - Mr. Raghu C Poojary

Ø  General Secretary    - Mr. Gautham Suvarna

Ø  Treasurer                 - Mr. Sujeet Amin

Ø  Sports Secretary      - Mr. Dheeraj Salian

Ø  Cultural Secretary    - Mr. Amarnath Suvarna

Ø  P.R.O.                     - Mr. Prashanth Poojary

Ø  Welfare Officer       - Mr. Suresh Kunder

Ø  Media Secretary      - Mr. Raghav D. Poojary

Ø  Vice President         - Mr. Krishna S. Poojary

Ø  Joint Secretary         - Mr. Mithun Vishwanath

Ø  Internal Auditor       - Mr. Govind Belchada

Ø  Joint Sports Sec.      - Mrs. Jayalaxmi Vishwas

Ø  Joint Cultural Sec.   - Mrs. Jyothi Sudhir

Ø  Joint PRO                - Mrs. Yashodha K. Bangera

Ø  Joint Welfare           - Mrs. Rashmi Raj

Ø  Joint Media Sec       - Mr. Naveen V. Bangera.

ReturningMr. Satish Kunder, Mr. Rohith Sanil and Mr. Chitrek Bangera will continue as advisors for the year 2018.

President, Mr. Raghu C Poojary congratulated the new elected management members and urged their co-operation of all members for the upcoming programs. Prizes distributed for the winners of drawing competition and Lantern competition. Certificate and medals distributed to all children participated in drawing competition.

General Secretary Mr. Gautham Suvarna rendered Vote of thanks and the program concluded with Indian National Anthem.

The event was gracefully hosted by Mr. Hrishikesh and capably photographed by Mr. Sandeep Attavar. Tasty dinner was served by Golden Wok, Mahaboula.

BSK Managing Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors of the event and BSK members for their contribution towards the success of AGM  2017.

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