A video from a CCTV was circulating in social media on Tuesday in which a Kuwaiti brutally thrashing an Egyptian.Upon investigation this happened in a central market place in Al Shuwaikh.

As the video was uploaded on social media,after seeing many called the Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait to intervene.

According to some, the incident happened after the Egyptian worker told the Kuwaiti that  it was break time for the people working on the site for which the Kuwaiti assaulted the Egyptian.

The owner of the store where the Egytian worked filed a case in Shuwaikh industrial area police station.From the surveillance video,the detectives arrested the owner of the vehicle who refused of any wrong doing and it was his friend.Later the accused was arrested in Salwa and he admitted to beating the salesman.

The worker was rushed to Sabah hospital with serious injuries and the victim is now out of ICU as per statement from Interior Ministry.


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