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IMA YouthWing wins NAF Volleyball Tournament
IMA Youth Wing
IMA Youthwing wins volleyball tournament organised by NAF on 30th November at Salmiya garden.
Network Acheivers Forum (NAF) an NGO in Kuwait, organised a volleyball tournament where twelve teams from different organisations participated. 
Twelve teams were divided into four groups, each consisting of three teams. The first round matches were within the group, top two from each group played Quater-finals, and the winners of it played Semi-finals and Final thereafter.
IMA Youthwing rose to top to win the tournament. Many congratulations to them.
A winning trophy was given to IMA Youthwing team in the Annual event of NAF.
IMA Youth Wing is a youth and students’ organization, which aims at developing the personality of youth and students associated with a view to make them good human beings who contribute positively to the society at large. Youth Wing provides a common platform for presenting spiritual, educational, moral and ethical values, supporting community and social services and fostering good relations with other communities and organizations.

ima-youthwing-cricket-(1).jpg ima-youthwing-cricket-(2).jpg ima-youthwing-cricket-(3).jpg ima-youthwing-cricket-(4).jpg ima-youthwing-cricket-(5).jpg ima-youthwing-cricket-(6).jpg ima-youthwing-cricket-(7).jpg


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