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 (From 03/12/2017 to 19/12/2017)

Open MindTo inculcate the reading habit beyond the syllabus is an important aspect of school education. To stress on the same point, Kids International Pre-School celebrated “Open your mind, open a book” under the guidance of Principal Mrs. Nilofar Qazi and Vice Principal Mrs. Gayathri. The reading room for the event was inaugurated by Mr. Malayil Moosa Koya, Director - India International School, Mangaf who set free the paper butterflies signifying the fact that a good education makes us a competent participant on the path of life-long learning.

The event involved flipping through the pages, create their own story, read 3 letter story book to increase their vocabulary, we also asked them to bring extra-ordinary words and encouraged them to write their own poem. The entire fortnight was illuminating filled with fun, education and zest for curiosity.

The final day of the event the tiny tots dressed up according to their future dream job. To make this dream come true we encouraged and motivated them to bring out their inner potential, talent and creativity for their bright future and enlightened them on the thought that education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.

20171220_072839-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_072951-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_083402-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_083417-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_084036-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_084412-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_084442-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_084539-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_084720-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_162917-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_162944-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_163008-COLLAGE.jpg 20171220_163040-COLLAGE.jpg IMG-20171219-WA0019.jpg IMG-20171219-WA0028.jpg IMG-20171220-WA0008.jpg IMG-20171220-WA0100.jpg IMG-20171220-WA0112.jpg


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