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Sharada Sangeetha Vidyalaya, Kuwait.

StudentsSharada Sangeetha Vidyalaya(SSV) organised “Tamizh Amudham: A Papanasam Sivan Special” on Thursday, December 28, 2017 at the Sangeetha Auditorium, Mangaf. The program started at 5:15 pm with a welcome address by Mr. Hariharan followed by a prayer recital by all the SSV students. Twenty children from different age groups, under the tutelage of Guru Smt. Devi, sang an entirety of 21 songs in different ragas with passion and enthusiasm.

AppreciationThe students were accompanied for the event by Vidwan Sri. Balamurali on the violin, by Vidwan Sri. Perunna Hari on the mridangam, and by Sri. Ragesh on the Ghatam. The students viz. Avantika, Bavishni, Charvik, Madirakshana, Kavinya, Dakshika, Dakshasree, Durai, Harini, Jayasree, Lakshana, Lakshani, Manjusree, Mukhil, Nikisha, Rahavi, Srivatsan, Swathi, Yazhini and Vasanthi, gave a fitting tribute to the late Sri. Papanasam Sivan with renditions of his famous compositions like "Sri Ganesha Charanam" in Ragam Tilang, "Singara Velavan" in Ragam PapanasamAnanda Bhairavi , "Enna Thavam Seithaney" in Ragam Kaapi, "Nee Iranga Enil" in Ragam Atana and many more.

The highlight of the event was the song "Pibhare Ramarasam" in Ragam Yamuna Kalyani presented by Vasanthi on the vocals and Mr. Viswanath Hariharan on the Keyboard, along with the other musicians. The Chief Guest, Dr. Ananthi Natarajan and the Guest of Honor, Sri. P.T.Narayan , had high praise for the students and their Guru. The event was also attended by  Karnataka Kalashri Guru Smt. Rangashree, who congratulated the proud Guru and shared her valuable thoughts. Towards the end, all the students received mementos in appreciation of their performance from their Guru and Smt. Kalpana P.T. Narayan. 

The program ended successfully with a mangalam at 8:00 pm after which the audience and participants proceeded for dinner.

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