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India International School Mangaf had spent a week long innovative exploration of the English language at all levels. The campus was interspersed with multi various useful English enhancement activities. The comprehensive activities planned   provided ample scope for the students to participate. The motto was to improve all the 4 skills of the language – LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing).  Assemblies were conducted in this regard by different disciplines- primary, secondary and senior levels with Think- Speak and Explore English as its slogan. All the activities- to name a few- dictograph, declamations, collage, group songs, skits highlighting the importance of tenses & common errors – were just mind blowing. The corridor walls,   the bulletin and the display boards of the campus transpired ENGLISH. While the choral recitations and action songs were a feast to the ears, the grammar charts, the facts about the language, the posters and the poetry Pictionary proved to be sumptuous visual treats. Interclass and inter house literary quiz competitions were also conducted on eminent literary personalities.
So the English week turned out to be a truly inspiring, informative and entertaining learning experience with the exclusion of none from the IISM family.

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