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The security officers of the Residence Affairs Investigation Department have arrested a 45-year-old Egyptian, a company representative for his involvement in falsifying work permits, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily added, the suspect was arrested minutes before he could leave the country. Investigations conducted by securitymen revealed that the Egyptian known as ‘the fox’ among company representatives (mandoubs) falsified the official transactions at the Farwaniya passport office and succeeded in getting them through.

According to a security source, the suspect was put under surveillance and a secret police agent informed the authorities the man was planning to leave the country after he sensed he was being tracked down and decided to leave the country. He admitted to his falsifying transfers, renewals and even got new visas issued by using high-tech printers and other tools. He disclosed he charged between KD 300 and 400 for each transaction.The security source said the forger worked hands in glove with a number of employees at the Farwaniya Labor Department to get the transactions passed. Investigations are continuing to identify his partners in crime. In the meantime, he has been handed over to the Public Prosecution.-A.T.



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