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PAN NIT Kuwait - 'Whats On'

PAN NIT Kuwait Chapter monthly meeting was held on 4th Jan 2018 at Mangaf to wish members & their families Happy New Year 2018 at the residence of Mr Sabir Ansari. It was a delightful occasion and the agenda was to finalize the annual plan & calendar of various programs for 2018.

A jump of 50% member participation was seen from the last meeting and active discussions on the future direction of PAN NIT Kuwait chapter was the main agenda for way forward in this meeting. 

A unanimous agreement on leveraging NIT Brand for professional development/networking of like- minded professionals and the need for an intellectual platform for social engagement was seen the keen motto to build this platform. After deliberations, the team decided to give prime importance to build PAN NIT Kuwait as a vibrant association actively engaging members in various events of common interest. 

The details of events shall be prime agenda in our next meet scheduled for 8th February in Salmiya at 6 pm. Special emphasis was laid on spreading the message of the association to all alumni of NIT residing in the country. We call upon all NIT/REC individuals residing in Kuwait to come forward and enroll with PAN NIT Kuwait Chapter. To do so, please call any of the following numbers to connect: 60007401 / 66013056 / 66804449 / 97223522 / 97212061




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