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FAIPS LKG FIELD FIESTA 2017: Fitness First!!!

The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creates a healthy body. The bright and beautiful December morning at the FAIPS Sports Field welcomed everyone with a healthy warmth   indeed !

6th   December 2017 was a special day at the FAIPS Kindergarten. The Sports Field, decorated with tiny colourful flags and mini Olympic rings was such a welcoming sight. Mrs. Anju Dheman, Principal, FAIPS, Ms. Gulshan Patel, Headmistress, KG and the Chief Guests,  Mr Sunoj  Nambiar ( Director, IIK), Sister Pavitra   and  Sister Vandana (Harmony House),  declared the Field – Fiesta open by raising the KG Olympic flame , which symbolized  fitness and fire within the kids.

The ceremony began with the recital of the Holy Quran followed by the National anthems. The LKG team showcased their Fitness drive and the glow of good health through a musical fiesta. Elegantly attired in their costumes, the first performing troupe swept the audience away with a spectacular Yoga display. “Let’s all practice Yoga for our physical and mental well-being…”

‘ ‘ I am Yoga”,  with its harmonious and soulful rendition said it all…

 It was further  enhanced  by the  following  fitness  groups who presented a  spectacular show.  The  drill  battalion  proved  that Repetitive exercise is a means to perfect a skill . And then the ultimate surprise for the guests—rhythm and fitness with the  Bollywood  tadka-  entertainment , frolic, dramatics, all rolled into one… the Bollywood  fitness express enthralled one and  all.

Finally, the field transformed into a unique formation for the grand finale   when the little ones, on their own, made the five Olympic rings and took everyone on an emotional journey with their message of “love, peace and harmony” - a universal message and a universal truth on the famous beats-“stand up for the champions”.

In a nutshell, The LKG Sports Fiesta encapsulated the talent and evolving potential of the adorable little champs who once again made their teachers and parents proud!




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