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VK Singh meets unpaid Indian workers in Kuwait, assures steps to bring them back home

On a visit to Kuwait on Thursday, Union minister of state for external affairs VK Singh gave some important assurances to Indian workers in Kuwait who had not been paid salaries for several months by Kharafi National Company.


During a meeting with the workers, the minister, however, said he could give no assurance on whether the workers would get their pending salaries. "We will try to see that you get at least part of the dues. However, we cannot pressurise them too much, or else they may not pay even that amount. However, we will pursue the matter legally for whatever salary dues you are supposed to get," he told workers.


What came as an immediate relief for the workers was that VK Singh categorically said the penalties they would have to pay for overstaying in Kuwait because of lapses on the part of the company would be waived off so that they could return to India. The minister said Kuwaiti ministers who he met had assured him that the matter would be discussed in the cabinet and a favourable decision taken. Earlier, VK Singh had met Jinan Mohsin Ramadan Boushehri, Kuwaiti minister of social affairs and labour in Kuwait city.


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