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Two-day workshop on Self-Discovery through NLP by Master life coach and  Trainer Eng. S. Ameenul HasanIMA
Indian Muslim Association – Kuwait is conducting a 2-Day workshop on Beginning the journey of self-discovery through NLP on
​16th and ​17th ​FEB 201​8 at Jeans Grill Waterfront, Arabian Gulf St, Next to Marina Mall
Master life coach and  Trainer , Certified NLP Coach Eng. S. Ameenul Hasan (Ph.D) will conduct the workshop.
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication and personal development.
Our brains are bio-computers. Our experience is processed, coded, transformed and stored just like softwares or programmes. Re-programme your life with NLP
NLP techniques and exercise for personal effectiveness  

   Circle of excellence

   Banish bad picture

   Swish for change of habits

   your portable mirror

   creating new you

   Resource anchoring

   New behavior generator

   Changing personal history

   mind check up excercises


   Identify your wheel of Life

   Sensory acuity

   Eye accessing cues

   Sub modalities

   Personal work to  redesign your life. 

Theory covered

 Neouro Linguistic Programming

Power of Conscious and unconscious mind

Types & characteristics of visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic people

Brain functions

Lead representational system

Different Modalities


Separate seating  arrangement for ladies  and   Special package for couples. 

Online payment facility available via KNET) 

For Registration visit www.imakuwait.org/nlp 

For details contact: 65557185    |    9983 9243




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