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ICSKIndian Community School Kuwait- Khaitan proudly commemorated Republic day and celebrated its Harvest festival in an exclusive way with the bustling participation of parents and students on Thursday, 25th January, 2018, in the school premises. The whole campus reverberated with patriotic fervor and enthusiasm and was bedecked in the colours of the Indian flag. The morning assembly was elegantly presented by parents and many of them became nostalgic in memories of their school days. The Principal, Mr. Gangadhar Shirsath, in his address to the gathering, expressed pride in the rich cultural past of the country. He urged every student to work with honesty and dedication for the nation. 


A medley of patriotic songs sung by the mellifluous school choir literarily caused goosebumps for everyone in pride. Immediately after the Assembly, scheduled Parent-Teacher meeting started.

ICSK Khaitan chose this momentous day to celebrate its harvesting festival too. The program started after Parent-Teacher meeting. Students made rangoli pattern as a part of festivities and the harvest 


procession started in which students were in different costumes holding various props. Farming, done by students with the assistance and guidance of their teachers produced good yield and was harvested in the presence of the Principal, Vice Principal and in-charge teachers.

The most highlight of the day was the novel idea of parents acting as teachers. First time in the history of Kuwait, selected parents were given classes of their choice to teach. All of them came to school with sufficient preparation and most of them were carrying wonderful teaching aids. Evaluation of these teaching aids was also a part of the program.  It was a memorable experience for students since they could see their parents in teachers’ roles. Even the teacher parents were so thrilled and saluted the teachers for their hard work and commitment. Memories of this phenomenal day definitely would last for a life time for everyone who were present.

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