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Republic Day Celebrations at KIPS

KIPSKuwait: Kids International Pre School celebrated Indian Republic day on 25/01/2018, Thursday. This day gave us the opportunity to commemorate the sacrifices of Indian Soldiers during the struggle for freedom. It also gave us an opportunity to pledge our fidelity in service to India. We believe firmly in the adage “As I am so is my nation”. If each one of us lives responsibly and compassionately we can hold our heads high in today’s global world. The Preschool organized a series of activities on this occasion. Students pledged their allegiance to the Indian flag and promised to carry their nation to greater heights and achieve success in various walks of life. The Pre School premises was decorated in tri color “tiranga” matching the attire of the tiny tots. A short program was organized emphasizing on the principles of “Unity is Strength” which was ingrained in the inquisitive minds of the tiny tots.

The event concluded with School Director of IISM congratulating the Principal Mrs. Nilofar and Vice Principal Mrs. Gayathri Bhaskaran and their entire team of adroit teachers for their overwhelming performance.

IMG-20180125-WA0078.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0082.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0087.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0088.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0091.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0097.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0105.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0116.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0120.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0121.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0122.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0126.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0131.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0139.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0143.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0149.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0152.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0160.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0165.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0177.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0179.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0191.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0194.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0195.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0196.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0197.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0198.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0199.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0200.jpg IMG-20180125-WA0201.jpg


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