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SIS inducts first ever French Day….
SISThe ever unique one that ideals to promote distinctness in everything it does had come up once again by premiering French day in the school auditorium on 22nd January 2018 by showcasing all the French learners in the celebration. The day glided to honor French as a language and France as a nation by displaying several programs that each grade could promulgate according to their level. The day was graced by the Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Administrative Manager, Ms. Shaimaa Zaki and the faculties of French department.
GloriousThe bilateral ties that each country has with France in terms of culture, music, education and language had given an astounding outcome in the result of each grade’s program. The active and colorful participation had served to shape more such French events to happen in the upcoming days. Some of the highlights of the day consisted of quiz session for grades1 and 5, musical entertainment by grades 2 – 4, debutante live band with the musical accompaniment that sang the song of Zaz, famous French singer, group song by grade 7 and grade 8 exhibited a dance depicting France’s culture and civilization. The whole time saw the day’s fructified message of France, its language and heritage in depicting glorious pride of the nation that exists from time immemorable.

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