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AuthorKuwait, Feb 2018: ‘If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it,’ says a well-known quote.

A new book entitled ‘A Rose is Not Just a Rose’, written by Gasper Crasto, a Goan based in Kuwait, has been launched on Amazon.com. Readers are sure to relish reading this inimitable piece.

Amazon.com, an American e-commerce and cloud computing corporation and largest Internet retailer in the world, is famous for its biggest online bookstore.

AmazonThe writer Gasper Crasto runs a blog called gaspersWorld (http://gaspersworld.blogspot.com/) where he regularly pens news articles, stories and views on different subjects.

Set in a Goan backdrop and written in first person, 'A Rose is Not Just a Rose' is a fiction novel -- witty, humorous and talks about infatuated love.

Blogging about the book in his web, Gasper writes, “It’s a short novella that can probably be read in less than an hour. It is more of an imaginative expression of both humor and romance in which the reader can participate...”

“Nothing highfalutin about the book, but the message conveyed in the narration is unlikely to be lost on anyone. The reader is sure to live many lives reading it,” adds the writer.

Title of the book 'A Rose is Not Just a Rose' is founded upon a challenging reflection of William Shakespeare’s immortal quote of ‘a rose is rose...’

The book can be ordered online and is in stock for delivery anywhere in the world.

Name of the Book : ‘A Rose is Not Just a Rose’

Author : Gasper Crasto

Book Barcode : ISBN-13: 978-1980212171

Pages : 40 (8’x5’ with Hard Paperback)

Price : $3.75 (approx. Rs.240/-)

Link to place order : https://www.amazon.com/

The book can be pre-ordered from Kuwait for KD1.250 at no extra shipping cost. WhatsApp your request at 99699514.


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