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South Western Railway (SWR) has released an app through which one can buy such tickets online.

The 'UTS' app allows a passenger to book four tickets from the nearest station within five kilometres of their position. Passengers can also cancel tickets, get/renew season tickets and buy platform tickets through the app.

For registration, the app demands information including name and address, frequently travelling routes and payment options. A user will get a login ID and password for an electronic wallet which needs to be recharged before any booking can be done.

"Once a ticket is booked on the app, passengers can go to the automatic ticket vending machine at the origin station and take a printout of the ticket by providing the mobile number and booking ID. The journey should commence within three hours of the booking," Bengaluru Divisional Railway Manager R S Saxena said.

However, passengers booking tickets via the app at smaller (halt) stations, where there are no vending machines, should ensure that their destination stations come under SWR. Those travelling outside the SWR zone should get printed tickets from a regular counter.

However, booking tickets inside the railway station is not allowed and passengers should finish the booking process before they enter the station premises. Tickets can be cancelled on the app if they are not yet printed. Printed tickets can be cancelled at regular counters.

Passengers travelling to destinations under South Western Railway do not have to print their tickets. Those travelling to stations coming under other zones must carry the printed form of their ticket.

"However, they should ensure that their mobile battery lasts till the conclusion of the journey so that the e-ticket can be shown to the authorities when prompted," the official said.

The app was launched last Thursday by Minister of Railways Piyush Goel. Officials said they have seen about 960 registrations since the upload. However, 67,000 people have downloaded the app on Google Play.


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